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Hafod Farm Stables

Llanboidy, Whitland, Carmarthenshire SA34 0ER   Email:

Hafod Livery

We pride ourselves on being a friendly yard where keeping your horse feels like having it at home. 

We have a total of 16 stables with the top yard being a purpose built American barn layout and the bottom yard being the private yard available only for occassional hire, with stables in the calving boxes on the side of the old milking parlour.  The bottom yard is for Jacqui's horses.


In the livery stables each stable is a good size with a grill between the stables and wooden half stable doors looking into the central alleyway.  The stables are well ventilated.  There are watering points up the alley and a feed room at the end of the stables  where liveries can store hard feed.  Each livery horse gets the following as part of their livery:


*  Designated stables;

*  Space for feed bins in the feedroom;

*  Individual tacklocker in the tack room;

*  365 turnout, in muddy winters this may be day only;

*  Free use of the arena and cross country jumps;

*  Access to ride the 200 acres of farmland at Hafod;

*  Free parking for lorries or trailers; and

*  Storage space for hay, straw and bedding.

We accept all liveries on a three month trial period before the contract is signed and accepted.

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The lovely Gafros Rebellion, known as Rebel to his friends

on the bottom yard at 7 months old.

Livery Charges:

£105 per calendar month per horse, there is no discount for multiple liveries.

Payable one month in advance by bank transfer. 

Livery does not include : Hay, haylage, bedding or feed.

Whilst we do not sell these on site we are able to recommend local suppliers, some of whom deliver.

Hafod Livery Agreement.pdf